In 2008, a team of students were brainstorming to come up with ideas on how to make money for good causes. The primary focus was to generate money in order to help protect traditional culture worldwide. The group of students had a variety of skills between them, and it just so happened that one of them was a sauce chef. They decided to use his zest for sauce making, and in a collective effort, designed this delicious sauce for the benefit of humanity and the earth. That is the story of SAAS "Original Flavor".

In 2010, two musicians combined their skills in order to write a variety of musical compositions. While promoting an onion festival in the southern US, they designed an onion flavored hot sauce that would be perfect for families and cook-outs. One of those musicians happened to be part of the team of students that founded SAAS "Original Flavor"! Shortly after, this new delicious onion sauce joined together with SAAS "Original Flavor" in the effort to benefit humanity and the earth. That is the story of SAAS "Onion & Garlic".

About SAAS
SAAS Hot Sauce LLC has been committed to making quality hot sauces since 2010. We use the freshest ingredients possible in order to bring you a boutique hot sauce at a reasonable price. SAAS Hot Sauce LLC has it's roots in an idea that started in 2008. We knew we could bring people a delicious quality product, as well as, generate money for charitable donations.