SAAS Original Flavor
SAAS Onion and Garlic
Making SAAS

In order to bring you the freshest tasting hot sauce possible, we strive to find the best sources for our ingredients. Unlike other hot sauce companies, we use fresh purees instead of pepper mash or peppers stabilized in brine. We use fresh purees from George Chiala Farms in California for our Red Jalapeños, Orange Habeneros, and our Onions. At the peak of ripeness, the farm harvests and cleans the fruits and vegetables, then blends them and instantly freezes them with no additives whatsoever. When we use the purees for production, they are just as vibrant and flavorful as the day they were picked and blended. We mix the ingredients immediately due to the fact that they are so fresh.

Most companies use what is called pepper mash, which is a fermented slop of peppers that sits in open air for prolonged periods of time. Many other companies use peppers that are stabilized in brine, which are blended peppers that are mixed with vinegar and salt, and are left to stagnate in buckets at room temperature for weeks to months before being used for production. For us this is unacceptable due to the fact that our recipe was developed using freshly picked and ground peppers based on the Caribbean and African traditions of pepper sauce preparation.

Our spice additions are all high quality fresh dried spices. We also use sea salt, honey, molasses, sugar, and vinegar in our preparation as well. We use NO chemical additives or stabilizers in our sauce whatsoever. We present the sauce in high quality glass containers for sauce purity and stability. Our products are produced in a hygienic commercial facility. We carefully follow all legal production protocols that ensure the maximum shelf life, stability and freshness of the product.